Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Heads Up #3

I am truly sorry about not putting posts up...
But I have an amazing blog that I am committed to called...
Simply Brie

Friday, February 24, 2012

Heads UP!

I have a new blog with my mom and don't worry...there will be more posts. I know I don't post lots of posts on this blog but the other blog will be ok. Click on the link below..

New Blog Link

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Heads Up!

Hello people! sorry for not blogging in a while school has been very busy. Anyway I have created a new blog. I will be posting occasionally on this blog but not as often. Here is my new blog...Chickz R Us this blog is mainly about my hens and pets instead of me and my life. The main focus is my pretty hens! Please follow my blogs!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Adventures!

We had the Wakeman town farm pancake breakfast a while ago but unfortunately I didn't get the chance to write. I have been fairly busy lately. The pancake breakfast was a huge success we raised a whole lot of money for Wakeman town farm. This proves that if you work hard enough you can achieve anything.

On a personal note I "adopted" two new members into our family. Tiger and Steve. They are fuzzy, squishy and lovable... you guessed it caterpillars. They are Isabella tiger moths. I have them in a safe jar with ventilation holes and their yummy snacks. I think  Caterpillars are the best kind of pets. You usually don't have allergies and it helps kids learn responsibility.

One more thing... My cuddly greyhounds Bosco and Bruno have gotten in a bit of trouble. Bruno brought in a few opossums in our house all alive which my mom had to take care of; Bruno is the hunter! Bosco on the other hand begs. He goes up to us and enlarges his eyes knowing that he will receive in time if he looks cute enough. Unfortunately for us he always succeeds.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rescue Hen

Poor, Poor Hen
My mom and I went to Wakeman Town Farm to volunteer yesterday and found that there was only one chicken alive. There were four before, but a predator broke in and attacked the flock.

We knew that Hurricane Irene was coming and decided that we would move the chicken into the farm house cellar to keep it safe. The cellar was dark and a bit creepy. My mom and I looked at each other and then back at the chicken. The frightened, lonely chicken was a Rhode Island Red. She was wounded  from the predator attack with tons of plucked feathers and a chipped beak. We placed the chicken down in the cellar with food and water then closed the cellar door. My mom and I were very worried for the poor hen.

Today, after Hurricane Irene left our town, my mom called Mr. Aitkenhead and asked him if we could help the chicken and Mr. Aitkenhead agreed that it would be a wise idea.

So, my mom, dad and I went back to the farm and went down in the cellar and to our surprise we couldn't find the hen. We searched behind old items in the cellar until I shouted out, "Found her!"

I peered down to see a miserable hen behind an old worn out shelf. I yelled to my mom, "I think she laid an egg!" But my mom replied, "She is much to old to lay an egg." So, I said, "Okay," and my mom lifted the hen up and to her surprise there really was an egg. A dirty white egg covered in cobwebs. My dad opened the cage door as he saw us coming out of the cellar. Before we placed the chicken in the cage we sprinkled her with poultry dust. The chicken looked up at me then down again, probably thinking "Ugh... great, more humans."
Beatrice: "How come
 I didn't hear of this?!"
We placed her in the car and closed the cage door. Then we drove her to our home. Once we got home we picked up the chicken and fed her and gave her love and noticed her wound. My mom ran upstairs to get ointment while I gave the chicken some comfort. Finally, my mom came back down with the ointment, cleaned the wound and applied the ointment.

The chicken looked happy. My mom carried the chicken up to the old baby chicken coop and placed her inside with fresh food and water. Now our old coop is a chicken hospital! And we named her, "Angie." We look forward to helping her recover and will return her to the farm as soon as she is healthy again. A happy chicken life it is.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bucks Rock Camp!

Me and my one of my BFF's AVA
 Friends are forever! I miss Ava, Claire, Tess, Kiana, Marielle, Zillana, Maya, Hannah, Charlotte, Zoe, Rebecca, Matt, Matthias, and many more!
Tess (left) Tatum (right)  Julia and me (middle)
 WE are all enjoying a meal Julia made in Culinary!
My Camp!
 Behind the totem pole is glass blowing which I didn't get a chance to go to but I will next year!
My dad's home made tie!
 I made this in sewing for my dad and I also made my mom a decorative pillow!
A goat from animal farm!
Animal farm has many goats, chickens, sheep, Rabbits and Guinea fowl! See Ya!

Photo Free Range!

Out of the coop!
wandering   about
up the hill
getting a yummy treat
"How come I didn't hear of the treat?!"
Beatrice how did you get stuck in that tree? "I don't know!"
Flying down!
Make a run for it!
Here comes Bun Bun!
"What you looking at fool!?" 
"Didn't your mama tell you not to stare!"